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About Us

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Rochford Brady Group employs over 50 staff and comprises the following trading entities.

Founded in 1980, Rochford Brady Legal Services is Ireland's largest law searching and town agency company. Rochford Brady covers all aspects of lodging, searching and bespeaking in all courts and Civil Service offices. We are also Town Agents, Company Formation Agents and Summons Servers. As a One-Stop Shop for all of your ancillary needs, we provide a level of integration that our competitors are simply unable to offer.

Company Information Direct was developed in 2000 to provide online access to all information filed at the Irish Companies Registration Office. CID has now become Ireland's leading business information resource.

LawLink was incorporated in 1995 by the Law Society of Ireland. The original LawLink website provided access to information sources such as the ITPA, the CRO and the Land Registry. Over the past number of years LawLink has evolved into an essential day to day tool for the modern day legal professional.

Rochford Brady Group is part of Decision Insight information Group (Ireland) Limited.

Decision Insight Information Group is owned by Daily Mail Group Information (dmgi). dmgi comprises a portfolio of high growth, innovative, must-have information media businesses in the property, education, energy and commodity and structured finance sectors. Headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut, dmgi has an international focus with significant operations through businesses in the United States, United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, Australia and Continental Europe. These businesses employ over 1,600 employees globally.